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About Velhola

VelholaVelhola is an old house, over 200 years, situated in the south of Finland 20 km outside of the town of Porvoo. The present owners Velho and Velhotar aquired the house in the year 2000. Some of our friends said, you have to give the house a name, so after thinking a while we came up with a name constructed from our names; VEsalaLeenaHOlmLArs. We also took the alias names Velho and Velhotar. Velho translates into the Magician, and Velhotar is the female counterpart. Velhola means The home of the Magicians

VelhoVelho has been working with and among computers since before the PC's arrived, and is known as a "Velho" / "Magician" in the IT field by many friends and other people of the same age, simply don't know why. Many of the youngsters today can use the computer and know the basic things about it. Maybe they lack the experience on how to apply the knowledge into everyday problems in the real life and work environment, experience that the "Velho" has accumulated during the last over thirty years. Velho has excellent knowledge about the south of Hungary.

If you need a place for your personal or society webpages without all those blinking advertisements, Please contact Velho for a reasonable offer. Contact details is on the Contact page.

VelhotarVelhotar then again is the person that has to keep Velho on the ground, don't trying every crazy idea that comes to he's mind, having him to think at least twice before he's doing something. She's also the fairy of Velhola, trying to keep the place in some kind of order, opposite of Velho that doesn't care so much about basic order in Velhola. Velhotar has the real power.

ViceVelhoVice Velho knows all about money and bookkeeping. He's also an excellent Italian speaker and knows a lot about the south of Italy. He is the brother of Velhotar.